Who was Bertha

“May her memory serve as a reminder to us all that we are not one thing, but rather a kaleidoscope of character, colliding together in a bright ray of light.”

Bertha Bezuidenhout certainly lived up to her name which means ‘bright’ in Old High German. A loving mother and ouma, a wonderful wife and caring nurse, her spirit shined brighter than most.

Bertha was a beacon of light to all she met.

She always made the most of what she had in life, choosing to maintain a positive attitude despite life’s varied hardships.

A true force to be reckoned with, it’s her resilience, creative spirit and unmatched resourcefulness that inspired the start of Bertha Wines.

Bertha Bezuidenhout
Bertha Bezuidenhout

“I will remember my mother as being a master improviser, she was a very resourceful woman… I recall fondly her hand making sherbet out of icing sugar and antacid pills to appease us imploring children when pocket strings were tight.”

– Andre Bezuidenhout, Son

Andre and his daughters Imke, and Marnella
The granddaughter of Bertha, Imke, suggested that the wines be named after Bertha. André, his son Jandré, and his daughters Imke and Marnella Bertha, will ensure that Bertha’s tenacious spirit endures with a brightness that continues to shine.

Never one for a label, Bertha will forever be remembered as a woman of contrasts: both feminine yet fierce, bold yet bright and firm yet warm.

No matter the situation, she was always 100% herself.

No matter who you are, where you are or what your situation is, may Bertha encourage you to celebrate your individuality, make the most of what you have and always be your best self.

Crafted among the vineyards and rolling hills of the Cape Winelands, the focused portfolio of Sauvignon blanc, Rosé, Semillon and Shiraz is intended for everyday enjoyment – just like Bertha would have had it.

” I remember her shoes often having a sparkle, her earrings being bold and bright. If my memory doesn’t betray, she even had a brooch of a sparkly insect that she wore like diamonds!”

– Imke Oosthuizen, Granddaughter

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