Counoise By Eben Sadie

Nov 8, 2022

Take a seat with Counoise at Bertha.

Take a seat with Counoise at Bertha

The Elusive Counoise

Eben Sadie has been called “One of the greatest and most original winemakers in the Southern Hemisphere”. When he came up with the new wine release “Counoise”, planted in 2016, it got people talking. Ahead of the curve – this release proves the point.

Counoise is part of an experimental project, which explores lesser known  grape varieties for environmental reasons – originating from the Rhone valley in France, more specifically planted in the Chateauneuf du Pape Region.

The Counoise grape variety is a dark-skinned wine grape grown primarily in the Rhône valley region of France. Counoise is also grown in California, New Jersey, and Washington and now, in South Africa.

With only 483 Magnums bottled, each individually numbered – Bertha is privileged, amongst a selected few establishments, to offer Counoise by the glass. It is rumored that the Counoise project is not intended to be shelved and grabbed by wine collectors, but to be enjoyed by wine lovers and enthusiasts around South Africa. For this reason it may only be sold  by the glass.

To the best of our knowledge these bottles are not for sale to the public anywhere. So your best chance of enjoying a sip  is by taking a seat at our table: Ask  for the mysterious Counoise and give us your view.

Counoise pairs perfectly with our Capas Offering. We’ve tried it. Counoise and Capas surely make a spectacular pair.

Give it a try the next time you visit Bertha Wine Bar.

Where: Bertha Wine Bar

When: Only Served Wednesday – Saturday (While Counoise Stocks Last)

Price: R140 per glass

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