Oct 25, 2022

Stellenbosch’s wine tasting scene has reached a new layer.

Stellenbosch’s wine tasting scene

CAPAS | Spanish {feminine plural}

 That’s right. Capas. An informal term for: “layers”

 By now we are all familiar with “Tapas”: small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar. But let us introduce you to “Capas” , a layered experience where you work your way through a combination of small plates, each selected for their simplicity, elegance and element of surprise.

 Stellenbosch is known for its ample offerings in the food & wine scene, however this unique concept was created by restaurateur and Meraki Founder, Corlandi Bezuidenhout and celebrity chef Johnny Hamman. Born from the idea of ending your day with a glass of wine, and a beautiful piece of bread accompanied by good quality, simplistic and wholesome local produce.

 Watch Bright Bertha transform into Bold Bertha as our Wine Bar goes from day to night with a slight wardrobe change at around 17:00 from Wednesdays – Saturdays.. Crisp White tablecloths and a candlelight setting greets you as you are welcomed to Bertha. A slight musical transition is audible as we shift from our daytime French Affair to our Night time Spanish Salsa.

 Beautiful golden tins that serve as vessels for the Capas make your dining experience a hands on one. You will interact with the menu, stack and unstack your Capas, tear your bread, share your plate, gather and feast in abundance.We recommend that you order between 7 and 10 layers between two people sharing if you want to opt for the full Capas experience. This is to ensure that you have a variety of essentials, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish in your line-up. Alternatively a few of your favorite Capas together with our complimentary greens and bread creates a fresh salad that can be enjoyed as a frequent early dinner option.

 Your Capas can be accompanied by our famous range of Bertha Wines. This  includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot-Rosé, Semillon and Shiraz. These wines are meant to be enjoyed frequently and often and for each type of BERTHA there is a perfect Capa.

 A few of our favorite pairs:

Fire Charred Marinated Peppers & Bertha Semillon 2021.

Grana Padano + Nectarine  & Bertha Merlot-Rosé 2022.

Spanish Iberica & Bertha Shiraz 2020.

Spanish Sardines & Sauvignon Blanc 2022.

Bertha Wine Bar also offers an exclusive list of well known and special, cult following wines available on our Wine list including the exclusive Counoise by Eben Sadie

 Wednesday – Saturday

Two seatings:

17:00 – 19:00 and 19:00 – 21:00

Booking Essential: 

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